Mises and Madison

"With respect to the two words 'general welfare,' I have always regarded them as qualified by the DETAIL of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a METAMORPHOSIS of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators." -April 20, 1831 Letter from James Madison (dubbed Father of the U.S. Constitution for his role in drafting of the text; see also The Federalist Papers, published on behalf of the American system as one of limited government of by and for the people of A Free Republic)~

"MODERN CRYPTODESPOTISM, which arrogates to itself the name of liberalism, finds fault with the negativity of the concept of freedom. The censure is spurious as it refers merely to the grammatical form of the idea and does not comprehend that all civil rights can be as well defined in affirmative as in negative terms. THEY ARE NEGATIVE AS THEY ARE DESIGNED TO OBVIATE AN EVIL, NAMELY THE OMNIPOTENCE OF THE POLICE POWER [OF GOVERNMENT], AND TO PREVENT THE STATE FROM BECOMING TOTALITARIAN." -Ludwig von Mises in chapter 21, The Theory of Money and Credit~

Prov. 11:3 - If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Wide Gunwalker Difference

Question of the day:

" So, what was the purpose of Fast and Furious if the weapons were not tracked, no cooperation between US and Mexican authorities went on and no arrests were made? "

A little more background:

Fast and Furious Coverup: Obama Asserts Executive Privilege to Protect Himself
Holder Just Us Dept: The Crimes are Worse than the Coverup
Holder Retracts Lie that Bush's Attorney General Knew About Gunwalking

Obama's Claim of Executive Privilege: It's Frivolous (John Hinderaker, Powerline)

The Purpose of Fast and Furious???

Those Fast and Furious Documents Must Be Dynamite (Paul Mirengoff, Powerline)

I haven't been posting in a while, I know, just taking care of some things that need tending to. I will probably be blogging much less and doing less analytical posts and just sharing stuff here, on twitter, free republic, and facebook from time to time for the next few months.

Thanks for your patience and support friends!

...We need to defeat the seditious organized extremist movement behind this so-called American president and getting him out of the White House. He is not the first and he will not be the last as this has been an ongoing and worstening threat to America for several decades, going back to all those politicians and intellectuals who believe that America is "fundamentally flawed" and that replacing her with something else more malleable and ideologically politically correct by whatever means should be the goal of their work and actions.

Exposing and understanding who they are and what they are up to is just 90% of the battle.

On the bright side, the influence and pervasiveness of this institutionally corrupting and destructive movement may have reached its peak, despite and in spite of the role played by a compliant and collaborating media and education system.

The good news is that in my observation more and more people are connecting the dots and looking through the smokescreen, and peaking behind the curtain of what I call LIE-beralism which is all specious argumentation, pretense, and flat out lies in some very big cases. It has gotten more and more desparate, aggressive and blatant by the day.

America is fundamentally NOT socialist and Socialist/Communist/Marxist ideology requires and demands coercion for its existence. It lives and breathes manipulation.

Mark Levin and David Horowitz, two very influencial intellectual giants and activists in the Conservative movement, have argued that the difficulty with understanding the motive for sedition and treason as well as everything else that goes with it, is that in the name of the utopian vision and promise, almost any act is justified. Thats it, thats the bottom line.

They are a product of Marxist blame-America-first conditioning and "education" and now we are witnessing the fruits of their labors in the highest office of the land.

No, Madison Wisconsin was not the first "Occupy" and neither were the Vietnam War protests. The first hints or first leftwing "Occupy" and takeover of America's institutions in my view is hinted at in William F. Buckley Jr.'s God & Man at Yale, published around 1951 or 52. Also, C.S. Lewis makes observations in The Abolition of Man, published in the early 1940s I believe.

So what is the American Conservative movement and agenda all about? It is a rebirth of America's founding Judeo-Christian values and political philosophy. That of limited government and entrepreneurial liberal capitalist free market economy.

The difference between that and the "Liberal" left agenda and program in America and the world (I believe Prager writes about it in Still the Best Hope: why the world needs American values to triumpth) is very wide indeed.

And by their fruits ye shall know them.


Wow, just found this one:

Fast and Furious: Follow the Ideology!

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