Mises and Madison

"With respect to the two words 'general welfare,' I have always regarded them as qualified by the DETAIL of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a METAMORPHOSIS of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators." -April 20, 1831 Letter from James Madison (dubbed Father of the U.S. Constitution for his role in drafting of the text; see also The Federalist Papers, published on behalf of the American system as one of limited government of by and for the people of A Free Republic)~

"MODERN CRYPTODESPOTISM, which arrogates to itself the name of liberalism, finds fault with the negativity of the concept of freedom. The censure is spurious as it refers merely to the grammatical form of the idea and does not comprehend that all civil rights can be as well defined in affirmative as in negative terms. THEY ARE NEGATIVE AS THEY ARE DESIGNED TO OBVIATE AN EVIL, NAMELY THE OMNIPOTENCE OF THE POLICE POWER [OF GOVERNMENT], AND TO PREVENT THE STATE FROM BECOMING TOTALITARIAN." -Ludwig von Mises in chapter 21, The Theory of Money and Credit~

Prov. 11:3 - If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So this is it, this is the end of the line on this blog. Thanks for stopping by.

We are so manypeople and so many worlds. Billions on billions.

Like the stars. All with our own dreams and illusions... So Im not here anymore.. all thats left is a broken timeglass spillingout. all that i am now is dreams and.illusions, shadows and dust like the old gladiator said.. Playing.a.role with the last hand.and last poker.face. Nothing more nothing less.


Monday, April 29, 2013

LIEberal creeps losing debate on abortion

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Knuckle Draggers and the Pro-Life Enlightenment

To be pro-life is to be pro-science. That’s what Dr. Bernard Nathanson discovered in his own pro-life enlightenment during the 1970s. An abortionist who had presided over more than 60,000 abortions and a founder of the pro-choice group NARAL, Nathanson began his career as a staunch abortion advocate. But scientific advancements like the ultrasound, which showed babies developing and moving in the womb, began to unsettle him. He eventually declared himself to be pro-life and dedicated the rest of his career to battling the abortion industry.
In 1984, Nathanson narrated the film The Silent Scream, which used an ultrasound to show the a twelve-week pregnancy being aborted. It derives its name from a striking moment when the fetus draws back from a surgical instrument and opens its mouth in horror. The film infuriated Planned Parenthood, which swooped in with a bunch of half-baked excuses. One doctor made the incredible argument that the movie was misleading because the fetal scream may have actually been a yawn. (Well then, kill away!)
Thanks to the Supreme Court’s arbitrary line-drawing, under the law life begins when a fetus is viable – meaning it can survive independent of its mother. Only after this point can states implement abortion bans. The Court said viability falls between 24 and 28 weeks of gestation. Forty years later, remarkable medical advancements have given premature babies a greater shot at life. About 70% of Swedish babies born after 22 to 26 weeks survived for at least a year, according to a 2009 study. And scientists are developing an artificial placenta, which could make fetuses viable at the moment of conception. These advancements are an enormous threat to the pro-choice movement; if successful and applied consistently in the law, they could ban abortion entirely.
Liberals like to portray abortion as a new medical development threatened by right-wing retrogrades. The truth is the exact opposite. As far back as 1648, English common law permitted abortions before “quickening,” meaning when a mother first feels her baby moving, between four and five months of gestation. America inherited this tradition but applied it unevenly across the states. Ironically, Connecticut led the way, passing the first state abortion ban in 1821. Most states followed suit, but then began reforming their laws in the 1960s. By the time the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, 30 states had outlawed abortion and 20 allowed it under different circumstances: a patchwork. New York, which allowed abortion on demand without a residency requirement, became a destination for abortion-seeking women.
Abortion, then, was already legal for swaths of the country and had been for a long time. Even after Roe, legalization of abortion was relatively uncontroversial. It wasn’t until scientific advances gave us a peek at the baby within that the pro-life movement gained force and public opinion softened. Abortion opponents take heart: You’re on the cutting edge; ahead of the curve.
Unfortunately, the Neanderthal left will continue to obstruct your progress, rigidly clinging to pro-choice dogmas and incantations in the face of evidence. But primitive superstitions can only survive for so long. Abortion may persist in America, but thanks to modern science, heartbeats are being heard and hearts are being changed.

Quote of the day

"You could say the biggest killer of young African children is not AIDS, it's not war.  It's DDT being banned.  And you'd be right.  And then of course the other mass death, I have to mention it, a million plus a year is a mass death, and that's abortion."


Muslim Mommy Dearest

"Referring to the scene of carnage in Boston, she has described it as a “really big play” with “paint instead of blood.”
Reality, meanwhile, tells a different tale: we now know that Zubeidat was on the terror watch list along with her son. She was on a federal terrorism database a year-and-a-half before the Boston massacre and authorities now, unsurprisingly, see her as a person of interest in the case.
It has also emerged that Russian authorities secretly recorded a telephone conversation in 2011 between her and Tamerlan in which the two vaguely discussed jihad. They raised the possibility of Tamerlan going to Palestine, but the son told his mother it wasn’t a good idea because he didn’t speak Arabic. It’s beneficial to know the language of the populace, after all, before one detonates oneself in its midst."

See also: The Premature Mirandizing of a Terrorist by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag.com

Plus: Actor Dwight Schultz, Politichix Director Ann-Marie Murrell and Nonie Darwish, author of 
"The Devil We Don't Know: The Dark Side of the Revolutions in the Middle East" discuss the way that the Muslim World does not take responsibility for its violence and how the current leadership establishment in US government and society doesn't want Americans to understand the true nature of jihad in Boston. 

A Visit From The Ghost of Valley Forge

"..And speaking low, he said: 'We fought a revolution to secure our liberty, we wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny. For future generations, this legacy we gave, in this the land of the free and the home of the brave. The freedom we secured for you, we'd hoped you'd always keep, but tyrants LABORed endlessly, while your parents were asleep.. Your children must attend a school that doesn't educate, your moral values can't be taught, according to the State.. You read about the current 'news' in a very biased press, you pay a tax you do not owe, to please the IRS. Your money is no longer made of silver or of gold, you trade your wealth for paper, so life can be controlled.. 

..Your public servants don't uphold the solemn oath they're sworn, your daughters visit doctors so children won't be born. You pay for crimes that make our Nation turn from God to shame.. "

"As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from whence he came, his words were true, we are not free and we have Ourselves to blame. What would be your answer if he called out from the grave? Is this still the land of the free and home of the brave?"

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